Chapter 59
Bereishis Rabbah Chapter 59

(59:9) “And the servant said to him” (Bereishis 24:5) - this is what is written in Hoshea 12:8 “Canaan, in his hand are scales of deceit, to oppress he loves”. “Canaan” - this is Eliezer, “in his hands are scales of deceit” - who was sitting and weighing (considering) his daughter, is she fitting or not fitting, “to oppress he loves” - to oppress the beloved one of the world, Yitzchok. He (Eliezer) said “perhaps the woman will not want (to follow me)” and I will give to him (Yitzchok) my daughter. He (Avrohom) said to him: You are accursed and my son is blessed, and one who is accursed cannot cleave with one who is blessed.

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